Student Motivation Success: it’s not always what you see

 Student Motivation


Ways to Increase Student Motivation

  1. Use enthusiasm to deliver your teaching messages and engage the students early and often
  2. Have clear course goals and expectations from the outset and tell student how to succeed in your course
  3. Help students see the relevance and usefulness of the information
  4. Assist students to find meaning in the knowledge and highlight how it is connected to real world situations
  5. Provide many different types of learning formats, such as case studies, discussions, games, and student presentations, and use strategies that are based on multiple styles of learning
  6. Provide many different assessment strategies and consider optional bonus points for extra work
  7. Allow some freedom for students to choose how to demonstrate their learning, for example give them options for one of the assignments, like writing a paper, or giving a presentation, or creating a game
  8. Give immediate and specific feedback and acknowledge their efforts
  9. Assist students develop their self-awareness through use of reflective activities such as journals
  10. Ask the student for feedback to show you are interested in their learning journey

Summarized from:

“Strategies for Increasing Student Motivation”

Teaching Strategies: Motivating Students, University of Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.

and Stanford University Newsletter on Teaching (1998)


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