Trends in Nursing Education

Changes in Job Opportunities and Nursing Roles

With the higher demand for nursing, providers of nursing education will be expanding to offer more online programs and greater flexibility within the programs.  The emergence of new nursing roles will demand a change in curricula to prepare the nurses who will fill these roles.  One trend is the increase in Advance Practice Nursing, such as the Nurse Practitioner, a nurse with additional training and expertise which allows independent practice in diagnosing and prescribing.

Technological Advances

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are becoming the standard for patient care.  Many schools are using lab experiences with EMRs to help prepare nursing students for the clinical setting.  There is an expectation that the EMRs will eventually replace fax and snail mail for sending health information.  Improvements to patient care and engagement are expected with these changes.

Increased Need for Outpatient Care

The high cost and high demand for inpatient services has led to a shift in practice which will see a greater demand for less expensive outpatient care.  The goal is to quickly stabilize patients and transfer the care to the outpatient setting.   Continuing education programs will be essential in preparing nurses for this role.

Holistic Nursing and Complimentary Therapies

There has been a shift in nursing to provide preventative care which entails a more holistic approach to nursing care.  The medical community has also expanded their views on the provision of complimentary and non-traditional therapies.  Nursing education will need to place greater focus on these areas to prepare nurses to provide preventative care as well as patients who choose to incorporate alternative therapies in to their plan of care.


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